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- Looking for underground plans?
Visit or call 0800 248 344 to register and download.
- Keep yourself and others safe by reading our 
gas pipeline safety guide before starting any digging work.

Why safe digging matters

As a nation of keen renovators, there’s no shortage of projects on-the-go so it’s important that we all follow the right steps to keep safe while we’re digging. Across the Vector network every year, large numbers of gas leaks are caused by tradies or home DIYers hitting our gas pipes. Not only are gas leaks potentially dangerous, but they're also harmful to the environment. 

Underground gas pipes are everywhere. They could be under a lawn or a driveway and, with last year's run of extreme weather, it’s more important than ever to double check the location of cables and pipes, as sometimes ground movements can affect the accuracy of plans.

Impact on the environment

Damage to our gas pipelines by third parties is the second largest source of Vector’s direct GHG emissions. 

Following last year’s awareness activity, we saw some positive results, including a 30% reduction in emissions from third party damage compared to the previous year, and similarly the number of gas strikes reduced by 22%. While these results are really promising, it’s an ongoing mission to keep everyone safe around gas pipelines and to help lower our emissions in the process. 

Get your free plans.
Simply register on the website at or give them a call on 0800 248 344 to request the underground plans for the address you’re working at before you, or anyone else, starts digging.
BeforeUdig works with multiple infrastructure providers (gas, electricity, fibre and water) to collate all the relevant information for tradesman, contractors and homeowners in one place.

Once you’ve checked what’s lying below, it’s important to follow safe digging practices. You can download our handy guide to gas pipeline safety here.