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Sustainability is a key driver of Vector’s business strategy, using our position as a leading energy company to enable global decarbonisation. A main focus is on being proactive by investing in a new energy future, to create an orderly and just transition to a decarbonised world. We are aware that inaction through business-as-usual practices will result in a disorderly transition, that will lead to high costs for customers and exacerbate inequality. 

We believe our approach to sustainability breaks through silos, as we collaborate with community, local council, government, customers, suppliers, academic institutions, commercial partners, and regulators to deliver innovative, long-term solutions and build shared resilience.

These partnerships drive our carbon handprint strategy, where we develop new solutions that will help others, in time, to reduce their carbon footprint.

For example, in anticipation of accelerated electric vehicle uptake, we’ve been running a smart charging behavioural trial so we can better understand and manage our customer’s future needs. We’ve also been working with international partners on digital and data solutions so we can virtualise the network and use simulation technology to see how it would behave in simulated future scenarios. This helps us to manage changes of the future by working on the required solutions now. 

Read more about Vector’s carbon handprint and what we’re doing here.

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