electricity pricing

Vector’s line charges include the cost charged to Vector by Transpower for delivering electricity across Transpower's national grid to Vector’s network and the price relating to the cost of delivering electricity across our distribution network. Generally, we bill our line charges to electricity retailers. Electricity retailers then bill you. The line charges electricity retailers charge you may not be the same as what we bill your electricity retailer.

Our annual price changes are limited to that required to achieve the net allowable revenue prescribed by the Commerce Commission in its Electricity Distribution Services Default Price-Quality Path Determination 2020 (DPP) plus changes in pass-through and recoverable costs (e.g. Transpower transmission charges, council rates, statutory levies and other regulatory allowances) and a revenue wash-up from any under or over-recovery from previous pricing years. In November 2023, it is estimated that our line charges accounted for approximately 35% of an average residential consumer's bill, which include Transpower's charges which account for about 8%.

See our price schedules effective from 1 April 2023.
See our price schedules effective from 1 April 2024.

Our previous pricing schedules are available within our pricing disclosures.

consumer-led pricing design

We are helping to create a new energy future, in which pricing plays an important role.  Our current pricing ‘roadmap’ which sets out how we are evolving our prices is located here, and was updated in May 2024.