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We deliver power safely and reliably.


Provides instant heat and is a clean, efficient energy source.

Smart Meters

Our smart metering business provides innovative electricity and gas metering technology.


We specialise in delivering wholesale data networks that enable our partners to create world class solutions for their clients.


With a Vector solar system you can take control of your home’s energy use by harnessing the power of the sun.

New electric vehicle charging station app

To find your closest electric vehicle charging station download our new app now. Available on for iPhone and Android.

Be prepared for an outage

Be prepared for an outage

Any network in the world - regardless of its location - can be affected by an outage. In an event of an outage there are some things you can do to be prepared.

Building near our network?

We own networks which keep the lights on, the gas flowing and provide data services. If you’re thinking about developing near our network you must follow the right safe working practices.

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