Our line charges include the cost of transmitting electricity across Transpower's national grid and distributing it to you across our network. Line charges are billed to you by your electricity retailer.

Vector's annual price increases are limited under regulation to inflation (the Consumer Price Index) plus changes in pass-through costs (e.g. Transpower transmission charges).

Delivering electricity line services efficiently  
We remain one of the lowest-cost energy infrastructure providers in New Zealand, with an operating expenditure per consumer among the best in the country.

See our price schedules effective from 1 April 2018.
See our price schedules effective from 1 April 2019.

Our previous pricing schedules are available within our Annual Price Reviews here.

Passing-through Transpower's transmission costs, our methodology

Our transmission pass-through methodology applies to customers with non-standard prices.

Changing your Vector pricing category

Our pricing categories depend on the connection type and metering configuration at your property. It may be possible for you to change your pricing category, but you may need to make changes to your connection. Please contact your electricity retailer to find out more.