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Vector’s line charges include the cost charged to Vector by Transpower for delivering electricity across Transpower's national grid to Vector’s network and the price relating to the cost of delivering electricity across our distribution network. Line charges are generally billed to you by your electricity retailer.

Our annual price changes are limited to that required to achieve the net allowable revenue prescribed by the Commerce Commission in its Electricity Distribution Services Default Price-Quality Path Determination 2020 (DPP) plus changes in pass-through and recoverable costs (e.g. Transpower transmission charges, council rates, statutory levies and other regulatory allowances) and a revenue wash-up from any under or over-recovery from the previous pricing year.  

See our price schedules effective from 1 April 2021.
See our price schedules effective from 1 April 2022.

Our previous pricing schedules are available within our Annual Price Reviews here.

Changing your Vector pricing category

Our pricing categories depend on the connection type and metering configuration at your property. It may be possible for you to change your pricing category, but you may need to make changes to your connection. Please contact your electricity retailer to find out more.

Passing through Transpower's transmission costs, our methodology

Our transmission pass-through methodology applies to consumers with non-standard prices. Transmission pass-through is used so that large customers are allocated costs on a basis that reflects their individual circumstances and usage, rather than bundling the transmission charges into line charges as for consumers on standard prices. The method by which transmission costs are incurred by Vector (as a transmission counterparty) is determined largely by parties other than Vector and are passed through with the way the costs are incurred as far as is reasonable.  

Capital contributions 

Vector’s line charges are set to recover the costs of owning and operating the electricity distribution network as it currently exists. When you add a new connection or enhance an existing connection to Vector’s electricity distribution network, you will typically be required to pay an upfront one-off capital contribution that covers the incremental costs that would be incurred by Vector from augmenting the network that Vector would not otherwise face ‘but for’ the consumer connection. That is, the capital contribution would include the full cost of the connection at the point of supply and a development contribution towards the capital investment we make in the infrastructure that supports overall network growth. Charges for new and enhanced electricity connections differ depending on the complexity of the connection.  

Click here for more information on electricity connections.
Click here for detailed information on capital contributions. 


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