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New Zealand businesses join forces to take on battery challenge

Over 80 businesses have joined forces to tackle the end-of-life issue for lithium-ion batteries. 

Outsmarting Auckland storms

Vector and IBM partner to help keep the lights on during bad weather.

trial of vehicle-to-home technology kicks off in Piha

The first participant in the Piha vehicle-to-home (V2H) trial is now plugged in and ready to go.

$15 in your pocket for Auckland power customers

If you are a family or a business who gets your electricity via the Vector network, you are eligible to receive a payment of $15.

Vector to help Waiheke Island become the world’s first fully electrified island

Vector is pleased to learn today that its submission for co-funding of a range of smart chargers on Waiheke Island has been approved

Government Policy Statement needed to solve transmission pricing dilemma

The release today of the Electricity Authority’s report on transmission pricing methodology (TPM) confirms Vector’s firm view that a Government Policy Statement is needed to shape a transmission pricing regime that is fair for all New Zealanders.

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