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Solar electricity is a simple, affordable and planet-friendly way to help power your home.

Through our residential home solutions business HRV Solar, you can have a solar system installed that's perfect for your home and the needs of your family. Because every home is different, HRV Solar offers a free, no commitment home assessment. 

If you'd like to see what your home's solar potential is, take a look at the HRV Solar E-valuator below or

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Calculate your home's solar potential

Find out how much solar energy you could harness, and how much that could be worth





Quite simply installing a solar solution allows you to harness powerful and sustainable energy from the sun's rays to power your home. 

Solar panels capture solar energy, which inverters then convert into a 'home-ready' format which can be used by your home's existing electrical system.

This power will be generated whenever the sun is shining on your panels.

If you would like to use solar power 24/7, batteries store solar energy for use at night and on overcast days. At the forefront of solar technology, batteries can be added to any HRV Solar Solution. 




We'll work with you to ensure your solar journey is smooth and straightforward.

Design your system

Using satellite imagery, we will assess your property to ensure all recommendations we tailor to you. 


Expert home assesment

One of our solar experts will arrange to visit you for a no-obligation home consulatation.


Product and installation

Every solar solution is designed, produced and installed to the exact specifications of your property.


Ongoing customer service

Our support doesn't end once your system is installed - HRV Solar offers comprehensive ongoing customer assistance.


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