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Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant

Our Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant (KGTP) in Taranaki was New Zealand's first natural gas treatment plant and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Kapuni processes natural gas for thousands of industrial, commercial and domestic customers across the North Island. The IANZ certified Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant Laboratory also provides analytical services to external customers.
At KGTP, the gas from wells in the Kapuni field is passed through a special solution which removes the carbon dioxide. Some of this carbon dioxide is purified and stored as a liquid before being transported to customers around the North and South Islands. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is commonly used as a raw material for: production in fire extinguishers; carbonation of soft drinks; freezing of food products such as poultry, meats, vegetables and fruit; chilling meats prior to grinding and refrigeration; and maintenance of ideal atmospheric conditions during transportation of food products to market.
Once the CO2 has been removed, the gas is then dried and cooled to –27°C (much colder than your freezer). At this temperature, the propane and butane in the gas become liquids, which can be separated and stored in large tanks (this is Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG). A mixture of propane and butane is used in bbq cylinders. Natural gasoline is also extracted as a liquid.  The remaining gas is sent into the pipelines which take it all around the North Island.

Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant Laboratory

Our Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant Laboratory is located at 298 Palmer Road, Kapuni, Taranaki, New Zealand and has been operating since 1970. Our laboratory uses gas chromatography to analyse the composition of Natural Gas, LPG and CO2 samples both from Kapuni and external customers.
The gas testing done in our laboratory is IANZ certified to NZS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and accredited for chemical testing of fuel gases and CO2. This is our scope of accreditation.
For the full range of analytical services available from the Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant Laboratory click here.